Livescribe digital voice recorder – Transcribing Notes Is Now Easier Than Ever

Take the pressure off of appointments and tests with an Echo Livescribe Smartpen offered by livescribe. Write and record the things you hear, hear and say – when simultaneously attaching your drafted notes on your audio songs through the Livescribe pen. Record whatever you hear with the Livescribe Smartpen, then right away replay that audio on the computer, a tablet, or the phone — with a solitary easy spigot on your written by hand notes at the screen. The Smartpen may be the ultimate word-to-word transcribing tool and you may be amazed at how quickly you are going to convert your dictations in digital files, saving time over audio transcription products and services.

Livescribe’s digital smartpens have an individual button and a highlighter so you’ll find out exactly which in turn section of your written insights need transformed into digital data files. You can also apply it as a highlighter if you want a numerous color or style than your normal pens. The Livescribe digital voice recorder is a high end, multifunctional writing tool which makes your every meeting and project the best possible professional web meeting possible. When you have to hear points over and you can’t take the eyes off the important parts, simply makes use of the Livescribe Smartpen and transcribe just for clarity and accuracy.

The Livescribe Smartpen is certainly part of the Livescribe group of products. The Smartpen has a highlighter, coop holder, and a standard paper clip, so that it is useful for any type of professional producing, no matter what your demands. By taking hints with the Livescribe Smartpen, you can make certain that everything you produce or record in the future, is stored securely and professionally. Even better, the Smartpen will certainly record audio so you can reference returning to it any time. Don’t be left out; try out the Livescribe Smartpen today.